Retail expertise.

Working hand-in-hand with international retailers, constantly exploring new trends in shopping and leisure worldwide is a stimulating and challenging experience.  In that regard, the track record of PROMDESIGN consistently demonstrates the ability to work successfully across borders and cultures, delivering comprehensive services at locations around the world.

As our projects consistently demonstrates, we have the ability to work successfully across borders and cultures, and consistently deliver comprehensive and exciting projects.  Since 1990, we have been designing retail-based projects, involving shopping centres, main street and mixed-use schemes, outlet centres, hypermarkets and superstores, retail parks and leisure destinations, sometimes in stand-alone/ big-box operations, other times in combinations of multi-purpose programmes.

We now boast an accomplished portfolio of more than 3,000,000 sq.-m of high-yield retail space, having amassed numerous design awards including ICSC, MIPIM, MAPIC and Real Estate Oscars, which granted us international recognition as a leading retail design firm.

PROMDESIGN provides a wide scope of design services, from preliminary site planning and due diligence research, to tenant coordination and construction management.