Strategic design.

Shopping has never been more competitive.  New and repositioned centres, as well as resurging main streets, are mounting strong and sometimes lethal challenges to the aging stock of traditional centres.  Some older centres are hanging on by following the traditional formulas for success, but they will need new strategies —either co-opting the discount stores to compete on price, or providing heightened shopping experiences to compete on lifestyle.  The unfolding of this scenario poses great challenges.  The speed of change in this market, involving new approaches to retail space, retail technologies and marketing strategies, requires an increasingly flexible and innovative approach to the design and planning of what we call “the shopping experience”.

PROMDESIGN offers strategies and creates opportunities for the rebirth of the traditional shopping centres and their communities as well as for the implementation of new retail areas, combining worldly experience with knowledge of the latest developments in retail, leisure and entertainment design, creating truly stimulating and rewarding environments.

5-steps phased approach
Our team feels that the development of retail projects in general, and shopping centres in particular, must bring together 3 different perspectives; namely the Developer, the Retailer and the Architect, in order to achieve investment feasibility, commercial sustainability and design quality.

Our work strategy develops in 5 phases:


  • Phase 1
    Investment decision
    Fulfil with the urban parameters
    Study of volumes and urban impact
    Commercial layout options
    Study of areas, ratios and commercial efficiency
    Inputs towards the business plan formatting
    Preliminary budget estimate


  • Phase 2
    Conceptual development
    Verification of the fulfilment of ratios
    Development of the commercial layout
    Follow up of the pre-letting
    Presentation of the concept to internal and external decision makers
    Basic quantity survey


  • Phase 3
    Project licensing
    Follow up of the licensing authorities
    General co-ordination of the projects
    Assistance to the commercialization of the anchor stores
    Rigorous quantity survey


  • Phase 4
    Full construction documents package
    Alternate construction techniques investigation
    Coordination with M&E
    Follow up of the letting
    Fine tuned quantity survey and specifications
    Follow up to the contractors’ negotiations


  • Phase 5
    Site surveying
    Systematic adaptation to letting during construction
    General co-ordination of the projects with the tenants
    Quantity surveying of alternative solutions
    Support to negotiation of additional construction jobs
    Implementation of landscaping, graphic design and signage
    Grand opening preparation.